The Deep Cleaner

Our deep cleaner has been lab-tested to provide a more effective deep clean to penetrate between leather fibers and uproot tough dirt, grime and oil stains. It is designed to be more powerful than the common cleaner, but gentle enough for frequent use across all types of leather, including suede and nubuck.


Powerful and Effective
  • Cleans deep to remove stubborn dirt, grime and oil stains
  • More effective than common leather cleaners on the market
  • Leaves a fresh, clean scent
    Saves Time and Effort
    • Easy to apply
    • Dries quickly in one hour
    • Does not leave any residue or greasy mess
    Perfectly Safe and Gentle
    • Safe for treated, untreated / unfinished, exotic, faux leathers, suede and nubuck
    • Color-safe and safe on plastics, wood and fabric
    • 100% Non-Toxic; doesn't contain harsh detergents

    How To Use

    Follow the steps below for the given material. As with any leather care product, always spot test on a small discrete area before applying. Follow all precautions from your leather manufacturer.

    For Leather
    1. Pour a quarter-sized amount onto a soft, dry cloth.
    2. With a circular motion, gently rub cleaner onto the leather's surface. Wipe off any excess.
    3. Clean one section at a time, using more cleaner as necessary. For tough stains, apply directly to the surface and let sit for two minutes before rubbing.
    4. Allow to dry and then buff to a natural luster.
    5. For best results, apply Leather Rescue Conditioner to nourish and protect your leather.
    For Suede and Nubuck
    1. Pour a quarter-sized amount onto a soft, dry cloth.
    2. Gently blot surface with the cloth and blot dry with a seperate clean cloth.
    3. Allow to dry and finish with a napping brush.


    Leather Rescue’s deep cleaner is made with care and has been thoroughly and professionally tested. Each unit is hand-bottled, labeled, inspected, and sealed in small batches to ensure the consistency and quality of our product. Leather Rescue products are proudly made in the USA. We stand by the quality of our product and we want you to be happy with it too. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product within the first 90 days of purchase, please contact us and we will provide you a full refund of your purchase price.

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