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4 Steps for Perfectly Conditioned Leather

Leather Rescue Conditioner has been called a "wonder product" by fans, but like any professional-grade product, you'll want to follow a few simple guidelines to ensure you get the best results.

Two things to note about Leather Rescue Conditioner, right off the bat. One: it's not for use on suede or nubuck. If you're looking to condition those new desert boots, sit tight. Two: it's been known to darken lighter leather upon application—but don't freak out. Your leather's original color will return over the next few weeks, and remain protected for up to six months.

Clean + Dry Leather
Use a gentle cleaner to remove any dust, dirt, and grime, then air dry completely before applying Leather Rescue Conditioner.
Apply Evenly at Room Temperature
Make sure you're out of direct sunlight, and in an area that's around room temperature (70°F). Using a cloth, sponge, or paintbrush, apply Leather Rescue Conditioner evenly to your clean, dry leather.
Wait 1 Hour
Allow the Conditioner to penetrate and absorb into your leather. It will take about 1 hour to absorb fully. Wipe off any excess, and buff out any uneven spots (some areas of your leather may be more "thirsty" than others) with a dry cloth if necessary.
Wear + Repeat
Reapply as necessary or desired.