Our Story

We wanted the best solution for maintaining our leather.

The life of our cherished leather items depend not only on the attention and care we devote to them, but more importantly, on what we choose to treat them with. We searched endlessly to find a leather repair kit that stood apart, refusing to settle for ordinary, but we struggled. We could not find a product that could preserve and restore leather to the standard we wished for. In response, we developed our own solution - one that protects our leather with expert quality while being non-toxic and made without harsh chemicals.


We are a collection of innovators, tinkerers, and perfectionists.

leather measuring

In order to create something great, attention needs to be spent on the details. To create the best, we sought advice from those who shared the same dilemmas as we did. We invested time in learning from other leather owners to uncover what they wished for in a top-shelf leather care brand. However small or large the suggestion, we took it upon ourselves to craft a brand that met these wants. After a great deal of research, our concept for a refined and more effective solution was born.

Working alongside the best leather experts and chemists in the field, we combined age-old wisdom with modern technology to design the best formula for cleaning and conditioning every variety of leather we could get our hands on. Through many cycles, testing different concentrations of oils and solutions, we finally developed a line we could genuinely regard as premium leather care.


We're proud of what we've created and we're excited to share it with you.

Leather Rescue is a name our clients have learned they can trust. With thousands of positive customer experiences, we are confident our success boils down to one major tenet of our methodology - investing in uncovering our consumers' needs, and producing products that both meet and exceed them.