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Our Story

Leather isn't something you buy on a whim. Whether for fashion or function, the leather pieces in our lives are sought out with intention, or handed down from people we care about. The sofa your home revolves around, the boots you wear with everything, the handbag you would never ever set on the floor—the leather goods we love are special. And with good care, they become even more so over time.

No other material lives, breathes, and gets better with age the way leather does. It softens to the shape of your body, wears and fades in all the right places, reminding you where you've been and how you got there. Leather tells a story. It's something worth holding onto. It's not throwaway, or an afterthought—and the way you look after it shouldn't be, either.

We created Leather Rescue to help us treat our leather better.

When our search for easy-to-use leather care that would keep our favorite leather pieces with us longer proved fruitless, we developed it ourselves. Working with leather experts, we crafted and tested countless formulations until we finally arrived at something we could proudly put our name on. Created for the way we use, wear, and care for our leather today, you can trust Leather Rescue to perfect the look, and extend the life, of all the leather you love.