Questions about Leather Rescue Deep Cleaner

1) Do I have to use a conditioner after cleaning with Leather Rescue Deep Cleaner?

You do not need to use conditioner after applying Leather Rescue Deep Cleaner. However, we recommend following each cleaning with Leather Rescue Conditioner to improve your leather’s look and feel while protecting it from future drying and cracking.

2) How hard should I rub when applying Leather Rescue Deep Cleaner?

Even though our cleaner is color safe, the friction of vigorously rubbing a cloth against leather may strip colors and dyes, so it’s important not to rub hard while applying the cleaner. We recommend that you use a soft, dry cloth; terry cloth and microfiber towels work best.

3) Do I have to rinse the surface with water after applying Leather Rescue Deep Cleaner?

Our formula is designed not to leave a residue and also requires no rinsing after application.


Questions about Leather Rescue Conditioner

1) Can Leather Rescue Conditioner be used on all types of leather?

You can use our conditioner to restore suppleness and sheen to all other types of leather, whether it is treated, untreated, faux, or exotic leather. The only leather we would advise against using our conditioner on are napped leathers, such as suede and nubuck, as the oils can alter the desired texture of these materials. It is perfect for use on furniture, car interiors, jackets, bags, shoes, and equestrian gear.

2) Will Leather Rescue Conditioner darken my leather?

As with all leather conditioners, for lighter-colored leathers you may experience initial darkening as our conditioner absorbs deep into your leather. Over time, we have found that the original color and shade of your leather will return to normal. We recommend first testing the conditioner at a discreet location and allowing it to air dry completely before applying fully.

3) Is Leather Rescue Conditioner safe around children and pets?

This conditioner is non-toxic and is safe around your children and pets. That being said, we recommend keeping it out of their reach where possible. To ensure even drying of your leather, it's important to not sit on your leather and also to keep children and pets away while your leather is still wet. Also, do not ingest the conditioner. Our conditioner is not for internal use and drinking it would be quite unpleasant.